Our music has featured on all major UK television channels and on BBC Radio 1 and Classic FM, as well as further afield around the world. We have written music for documentaries, film, entertainment shows, adverts and more. Some sample videos are below. We also wrote choral anthems for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and for 123Sing! a nationwide festival of singing, both of which received hundreds of performances around the UK.

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Only Connect is now in its 11th series, and has moved to BBC2. Our music features a string quartet, as a reference to more traditional television music, with contemporary percussion and samples. You can even play the game online here! The show is produced by Parasol Media, directed by Sian G Lloyd, and series produced by Jenny Hawker.

Secret Dealers first aired on ITV in 2010, and is now in its 5th series. Our music for this show was shortlisted for a Royal Television Society award in 2011, and features a quirky mix of jazz and plucked stringed instruments. The show was produced by RDF Media, directed by Mark Hill and Barry Hecker.

Galapagos was a pitch for a BBC documentary, which we produced in 2011, tightly synchronised to visuals. It’s a useful track to include in our showreel as it demonstrates a variety of different styles, ranging from intimate guitar to an orchestral climax.


Baby Planet is a remarkable wildlife series for Discovery, which focussed on young animals in captivity. Our music was largely orchestral, but also featured a range of ethnic instruments such as Chinese flutes and African drums, all mixed in 5.1 surround. It was produced by Parthenon and Discovery, directed by Molly Fry and Emma Peddie.

El Reecruentro de Alicia (the Reunion of Alice) was a surreal and beautiful short film by the Spanish director Viktor Quero. It featured a string quartet and piano soundtrack, mixed with a range of more contemporary electronic effects and instruments.


The Poker Lounge was Channel 4′s popular poker series. Our music is a contemporary mix of urban sounds and funky 70s lounge music. The show was produced by Presentable and Zodiak Media, directed by Sian G Lloyd.

The popularity of the poker format on Channel 4 also led to an international competition called the Poker Nations Cup, developed by the same team.


The Last Ship was a very gentle but disturbing short film by The Odd Couple, which explored issues around euthanasia. Our soundtrack was largely piano based, with subtle electronics and discordant effects.


Wind Mobile was an advertising campaign for Italian television. The soundtrack is French folk music, featuring accordions and acoustic bass, giving the adverts a magical atmosphere. Directed by Marc Caro.


Tipit was an extraordinary show for Welsh television channel S4C which involved a very dramatic set, with bold orchestral music, built around a very simple game. Produced by Presentable, directed by Sian G Lloyd.


Quiet Now is an old theme, which we arranged for orchestra and solo violin, whilst we had some spare time in the studio. It starts slowly, and the drama builds to a harmonically complex ending.